European Bike Facilities

London: contra-flow bicycle lane and traffic calming hump.  Note the white triangle to warn motorists to slow down for the hump.

London: another road hump to slow motorists, without squeezing cyclists.  Tthe white triangles warn motorists of the raised surface.

Improved safety at traffic lights with an advanced stop sign or 'bike box'.  Motorists must stop on the grey pavement, but cyclists can use the left hand lane (green) and stop in front of the motor vehicles.  This makes sure that vehicle drivers see cyclists and makes right turns easier and safer.
London: route signs for cyclists.  In Armidale, a map and sign at the intersection of the cycleway with Elm Avenue would advertise this pleasant route to visitors to UNE. 

London: pedestrian crossings can also be raised to slow traffic without creating a squeeze point for cyclists.

London: bike logo on the road to alert motorists to the presence of cyclists, also suggest where cyclists should ride.  Sharrows symbols are another way of doing this.

London: another view of the 'bike box' or advanced stop sign.

Contra-flow bicycle lane in Munich, where vehicles drive on the right.  This is a one-way street - cars must go towards the front of the picture.  The cyclist is going in the opposite direction.  No costly facilities have been installed, only a painted bike logo and other road markings at the intersections with other roads.