The Austroads publication:  'Understanding and Improving Safe System Intersection Performance'  states (page 19):
There is a growing body of literature on the safety of cyclists at intersections, particularly at roundabouts. Two differing philosophies have emerged, dependent on speed and traffic flow: cyclists can be either segregated from traffic, or mixed with traffic to the extent where they are encouraged to gravitate towards the centre of traffic lanes (e.g. Cumming 2012, VicRoads 2016a).

Fig 4.19 shows how bicycle logos have been used in Melbourne in conjunction with raised pedestrian crossings to slow traffic and improve cyclist safety.  These ideas were included in the 2012 Armidale Bicycle Strategy, but never implemented.  

One task in Council's 2018/19 Operational Plan is:
E4.4.5  Update the Armidale Bicycle Strategy to identify potential future cycle routes and implement low-cost recommendations.

Several cyclists in Armidale report near-misses at roundabouts, including Markham-Donelly.  Making this (or other roundabouts), as recommended in the 2012 Bicycle Strategy, should therefore be one of the low-cost recommendations that should be implemented as part of Council's 2018/19 Operational Plan.